Your participation is also invited in many ways, including an annual gift.  Members are encouraged to set up an annual pledge through our contributions officer. A pledge is a gift that appropriately reflects a percentage of your income, be that 2%, 5% or a tithe of 10%..  It expresses both a desire to serve God and your investment in God’s work.  


Making an annual gift begins with prayer that explores your response to all that you have been given.  On a more practical note your gift allows your church to budget and pursue our goals.  


Don’t let your inability to make a financial gift hold you back.  God honors your faithfulness and your acceptance at St. Luke’s is not based upon the size of your pledge.   Even a very modest pledge is welcome and contributes to our life together.


Another giving opportunity is through the outreach efforts.  Have a talent you feel would be useful?  Talk to members of the community to see if something already exists where they could use your gift.  If you don’t find anything that suits you then talk to anyone in the church and a niche will be found for your gift.