Repairing the Breach Course: An exploration of reparations in EDOW

From the School for Christian Faith and Leadership

Beginning September 14, 7-8:00 pm ET (Two Wednesdays)

This two-week course will help answer your questions, and energize you to join in the work of reparations. You’ll get a solid grounding in the history of the Diocese of Washington’s participation in anti-Black racism, from the time of slavery, through the period of segregation, and into the present. You’ll

  • learn how this legacy continues to shape the diocese (and perhaps your church community recognize the continuing negative impact of this legacy on the Black community in this region.

  • hear from congregations in the process of researching and sharing the history of their own participation in anti-Black racism, and how, through all its difficulties, the process has been life-giving for them.

  • hear a variety of different perspectives and possible models for reparations.

Our hope is that you will:

  • feel convicted, but also empowered to act.

  • come to understand reparations as a potential channel for God’s grace, and a creative

  • process that can offer healing and reconciliation for all parties.

Symposium Agenda will include:

  • A call to action from Bishop Mariann

  • A presentation on the diocese’s historical involvement with chattel slavery

  • Lessons from reparations efforts outside the Diocese of Washington

  • Testimonies from diocesan congregations undertaking the difficult work of investigating their own histories with anti-Black racism

  • Insights from Washington area Black community leaders

  • A keynote address from the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary and Canon Theologian at Washington National Cathedral

  • Break-outs groups with role-playing conversations on reparations

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Race and Reckoning

On Jan 29, 2021 The Rt. Rev. Gene Sutton spoke to the Diocese of Washington's Convention about the Diocese of Maryland’s comprehensive study of its legacy of slavery and racial segregation–a legacy we share. Maryland’s efforts culminated in the decision to establish a Diocesan Reparations Fund.  

National Cathedral Sermon by Dr. Catherine Meeks

 May 22, 2022 “Do you want to be well?” It was a question asked to a sick man in the gospel, and it’s asked to us today in a larger context. Do we want to be healed? Do we want to see things in a new light? Dr. Catherine Meeks tells us that each time we make the decision to be healed, we in turn help the collective to become stronger