Most planned gifts to churches are used for endowment or another major purpose, and not for general operating costs. At St. Luke's we have a General Endowment Fund, whose income is to be used at the discretion of the vestry while the principal remains intact.

We also have the Edmunds Fund, from which special projects and major repairs of the building are funded. 


Gifts are welcome to support our community engagement efforts.  For example, our 5th Sunday with Rise Against Hunger is funded by a gift to St. Luke's Community Engagement Program. 

Some things to consider....

  • Some parishioners have requested that when they die, donations to a St. Luke's be given in their memory in support of an existing ministry that was particularly meaningful to them. 

  • Please leave it in writing and tell the executor of your will that you would like for your annual pledge to be fulfilled.

  • Don't think a gift to the endowment has to be a large gift.  Use your annual pledge as a starting place.  Make a planned gift to St. Luke's in the amount of your annual pledge, or 3 times that number, etc.