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St. Luke’s is a community of faith with a broad devotion to congregation, family
and a diverse local community for all who enter their welcoming doors. It is under
this canopy of faith and devotion, St. Luke’s has been able to provide
unquestionable support and sustain its founding and current community
members through many spiritual and comforting activities. In order to continue
its broad canopy of faith and support, St. Luke’s planned giving program enables
donors to sustain this broad canopy of diverse interaction of faith and community
well-being. Planned giving creates a legacy that ensures St. Luke’s is able to
continue its work in providing an open spiritual environment for those that seek
faith and support at all stages of life.


Planning for the End of Life Booklet from the Episcopal Church Foundation

Planned Giving Gifts

Through planned giving, donors, can create a legacy gift to St. Luke’s in support of
ministerial, operational and structural needs and can choose from different
financial sources for gift offerings. St. Luke’s welcomes charitable offerings in the
form of bequests from wills, annuities, trusts, retirement accounts, life insurance
and estates. For any planned gift that is directed from financial legal instrument,
donors need to obtain legal advice or advice from a financial planner to know how
to include such a gift in your overall estate planning. This does not preclude a
donor from making a direct cash gift to St. Luke’s at any time.


Stocks, Securities and Property Gifts

In addition to planned giving gifts, St. Luke’s also welcomes the gifts of stocks,
securities and tangible property, if a donor so chooses. Such gifts will allow the
church to receive full market value of the designated gift, while at the same time,
it could provide the donor with some level of tax relief. Again, donors considering
such a type of gift to St. Luke’s should consult legal or professional advice prior to
making designated gift commitment.


Enhancing St. Luke’s for the Future

All designated gifts, whether planned through an estate or direct are very much
welcomes and accepted. These gifts help to maintain the faith and diverse
community support of St. Luke’s for all ages by being available to enhance the
operations and programs of the church, spiritual needs of a diverse community
and the physical structure that provides a home for all seeking a direction in faith.
The gifts become a legacy to the vibrancy of St. Luke’s offerings.


For Further Information: Please contact St. Luke’s at 301-530-1800.

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