StephanieWelcomeWhen you arrive home, open the door, kick your shoes off and pop something in the microwave, after a long day do you wonder just what life is about?  When you tuck the kids in at night and have a moment to breathe do you wonder how to help them navigate the world?  When you think about the latter part of your life and what it holds do you wonder how best to meet those days and what it all means?  If so, through this virtual portal, you’ve entered the conversation at St. Luke’s where we talk about what it means to be human, what God has to do with our lives and how we make the most of this life that we are given. 

I invite you to a community that doesn’t run away from hard questions about faith and spirituality. We believe in walking together in a way that allows each us to explore the spiritual landscape and discovering how God is present.  We share a spiritual journey through worship, sharing bread and wine, music, boots-on-the-ground social justice, radical inclusion and conversation. We give each other the gift of space to be, the gift of space to grow and the gift of experiencing the expansive love of Christ. 


I hope you will let St Luke's be a part of your wondering and that you will share your gift of wondering with St Luke's which will help the community grow in faith and service.  Know that whatever you believe or don't believe, wherever you have come from and wherever you are going, you are welcome at St Luke's.


The Reverend Dr. Stephanie J. Nagley
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